Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 10 for 2012- #1-5

And now, my top 5 records for 2012...

1. Flats- Better Living

No record this year impressed me as much as Better Living. I am still amazed that I heard no buzz about this release, haven't seen it on any other lists, and it hasn't made any waves anywhere. Harkening back to the days of metal, industrial, experimental and heavy political rock isn't the way to turn heads nowadays, I guess. But for me, this is exactly what the world needs now: Black Sabbath riffs, samples, Pailhead screams, and industrial noise.

Mark my words, (this band and a few others have me thinking that) metal and heavy rock from the UK is coming back. There may be hope yet for "the kids."

2. Django Django- Django Django

A great debut from a band that works all the touchstones they can. From Beta Band and The Specials to krautrock and afrobeat, Django Django wrapped all their tight pop song writing in all sorts of experimental packages, and delivered a great record.

3. Tame Impala- Lonerism

Just by having released "Elephant," Tame Impala cemented a spot in my top 10 this year. Definitely the best single of the year, its glam rock meets psych groove was a game changer. With 2-3 other possible singles on this LP, it's an interesting record that deserves time and attention, even if psychedelia is not your thing.


TOY was the record The Horrors should have released next. This is a perfect next step in the London nouveau shoegaze scene, without getting caught up in the tropes of their inspirations. With their look, sound, and songs, they are the complete package and I can't wait for their next move.

5. S.C.U.M- Again Into Eyes

I waited a very long time for this record and was not disappointed. After all the talk of goth music and fashion returning, no one seemed to take it seriously or produce music, fashion or art that really understood it. Again Into Eyes for me was the only thing that really hit the target. It's not aping the past but taking inspiration from it and taking those ideas to the next progression, by adding other ideas, genres, textures and re-contextualizing them for 2012.

Sadly, after waiting for 2 years for S.C.U.M to release a full record, it took them less than a year after to break up. Sad days, indeed.

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