Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Chairlift is another band that I am somewhat reluctant to like/approve of/recommend. I am not head over heels for their debut, Does You Inspire You?, but I do find it somehow captivating. Or at least worth a few listens.

I first heard of them due to the lead singer's involvement in a Mountain Dew sponsored release collab with Flosstradamus (a duo I do not particularly endorse/like). I didn't particularly enjoy the track, but I found her intriguing. So, yes, it prob has plenty to do with Caroline Polachek's looks. Sue me.

So when I finally heard a song from her real band, "Evident Utensil," I was set to dislike it as well. When I didn't find myself automatically turned off by it, I decided to give Chairlift another chance. So then I heard "Bruises." Again, not bad.

Now, there are areas of the record that are less than stellar, but there are things about it that do ask for repeat listens. It's simple lyricism sometimes swings from child like curiosity to obvious rhyming dictonary stabs. The music can at times be a bit too twee for it's own good, but at times the vocal cadences and electronic odddities make it more interesting most. At times they lean a bit too MGMT, which I find atrocious, but lots of folks love it, so that's anoher reason I figured it worth mentioning.

I will recommend that you give them a few listens, and you'll probably hear it around, so this way I just beat you to the "who sings that song...?" question you were probably going to ask in a month or two.

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