Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lykke Li

Now that I have read a few interviews with Lykke Li, it sounds like she agrees with my assessments of her career so far. While I found her first record pleasant enough, there was always something a bit too pleasant. Pleasant to the point of toothless. There wasn't much to really hang on to or to talk about. it was just nice and inoffensive and simply fit into the landscape of breathy pretty girl singers without much to say. It sounds like she now has beef with her former persona, and is ready to throw the world a curve ball.

And with the her currently ubiquitous single, "Get Some," she has done just that. The mood is edgier, the instrumentation is more immediate and even her hair has taken a turn for the dark side. Which is why I am so intrigued this time out. She doesn't sound like everyone else here. She is taking charge with calm and somewhat lewd assertions and is staking her claim.

Also check out the Beck and Mike D remixes of Get Some.

For an idea as to why she has changed, check the Fader interview.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this earlier... one of the other reasons I like this song is that it's basically an electro goth remake of KC and the Sunshine Band's "I'm Your Boogieman!" Trade the "I'm your prostitute" line for "I'm your boggie man" and you'll have to admit it's pretty much spot on.

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