Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 15 songs of 2012- #10-15

As my listening habits change (be it because of time, my age or technology), I find it asier to find great songs than it is to find great records. It might be my lack of focus, but it may also be that the long play record format just has no real place in this era. It's not dead, but why not put out a great song that can stand on it's own nowadays? Why wait?

Therefore, I decided that I should also complement my top 10 records of 2012 with the top songs I heard in 2012*. Below are numbers 10-15. Top 10 to follow...

10. Factory Floor- "Two Different Ways"
A touch of new wave, a dash of industrial and brought to us by the folks at DFA. All good to me.

11. Wet Nuns- "Heaven Below"
Sheffield UK metal is coming back.

12. The Violet May- "Jennifer Lies"
More Sheffield, UK rock, and part of the Arctic Monkeys family tree, but unfortunately they have already broken up. Sad indeed.

13. Willy Moon- "Yeah Yeah"
Yes, it's in an Itunes commercial now, but that doesn't make it any less catchy or infectious. Fun fun fun.

14. Faye- "Water Against The Rocks"
Faye could be huge in 2013 if she gets the right attention.

15. More Sounds- "Analog Steak"
Thanks to Ram Jam Rodigan for unearthing this one. The kinda track trainspotters live for.

*And yes, I realize some of these release dates might not have been in 2012, but this is my usual burden each year as so much doesn't get released in the US at all, so I'm going by when I heard it. I have also excluded songs that would have been covered by inclusion in the top 10 records.

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