Monday, May 15, 2006

Make way for the Esss Ohhhh Veeee

I first heard Lady Sovereign on the Streets "Fit But You Know It (Remix)". Of the 4 guest MCs (all men except for her), she was the total standout. Maybe it was her voice or her swagger, but I will also say she has some rhyme skills as well. She's very cute (which I am sure makes a difference to me), tre british, very snotty, but also totally listenable. Some disagree with that and can't stand her, and I will say that she's proabably an acquired taste. And honestly as I hear more of her stuff I see that she may never bat a thousand, but she does have some real bangers. So far, she has only released Vertically Challenged in the US and that gets a 6, but some tracks on there are more like 8s. Here's my fave:

Lady Sovereign- Random

She also has a collabo with the Ordinary Boys (another fave I'll post about soon). So check that out here:

Lady Sovereign- 9 to 5 (Ordinary Boys remix)


Blogger the count said...

Hilarious. i just found this.

i should totally have done this.

6:10 PM  
Blogger red d'vicious said...

quad skates- you know I'm in

7:38 PM  

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