Thursday, November 05, 2009

Free Energy

I'm not sure I can put my finger on why Free Energy fills the same spot in my mind as other American/East Coast bands like The Strokes and The Virgins, but there's definitely some tonal or melodic common thread here.

Which is not to say they sound exactly like either of those bands. I'd say even with some commonalities, Free Energy still sounds fresh and unique right now. Obviously, the 80s synth sound isn't unique. But Free Energy isn't bringing it o you with an electro dance beat. These synths are more Hall and Oates than Missing Persons, and are much more about having a good time than rocking the house. Obviously, other alluring factors for me are the power pop lyricism and melodies. In my opinion, the more bands we can get that evoke Cheap Trick, Sloan or the Webb Brothers, the better.

And on top of all this, they are on DFA. Proof again DFA has very very few missteps.

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