Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Since I have commented on The Vaccines, it's only right that I follow that up quickly with one on Brother.

Splitting British music fans right down the middle, most people think that Brother are either the devil incarnate or the second coming. The critical intelligentsia are dismissing them out of hand as rehashing grave-robbers with no real musical chops but tons of gall and a lot of lip service. Unfortunately for those critics, there seem to be a real market for an Oasis redux act, filming their interviews at a football stadium, claiming they are the only real music in town and insulting other bands with reckless abandon. Claiming their own sound as "gritpop" didn't help either.

But notice that I haven't mentioned much about the music. That's the thing, for the slings and arrows, the music is rarely the real topic, and I think I know why. Brother's songs are... not bad. They aren't great either. They have all the earmarks and swagger, but the things that made Britpop and particularly Oasis so inviting was the sound. Huge loud and imposing while also simple-minded dumb pop music that drives deeply into your brain after one listen. Brother's songs are ok, they aren't offensive, but they aren't inspiring. They might do better with some touring, some punch ups and a good amount of lager and a few more records in their collection. I can wait.

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