Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Songs of 2012- #6-10

Let's continue my favorite songs of 2012 with #6-10 songs today:

6. Eugene McGuinness- "Shotgun"
Criminally unreleased and unknown in the US. Looks good, sounds good.

7. Charli XCX- "Cloud Aura ft. Brooke Candy"
If I have to like something that sounds like a radio song, this would be it. The cinematic video clips and her adorable face help the cause as well.

8. Blood Red Shoes- "In Time To Voices"
I've been banging the drum for Blood Red Shoes since their first V2 release. I love a commitment to rock n roll and this duo has that in spades. If the 90s sound is coming back, then Blood Red Shoes should lead the charge.

9. The Hives- "Go Right Ahead"
The Hives never meant to reinvent the wheel. They just serve to remind us how easy rock n roll really is.

10. Doorly- "Something to Say"
I reserve the right as an old person to champion this song and strongly confirm its sentiment. Damn you kids! Get off my lawn.

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