Sunday, May 28, 2006

Get the Chikinki...

A few SXSWs ago, I was at Waterloo debating what records to buy and checking out The Cooper Temple Clause instore performance. As I went over the list of possible purchases, Ben of The Coopers advised plainly and strongly, "Get The Chikinki. Trust me, just get the Chikinki."
So I did. And I still can't believe this band doesn't have a label in the US. (Even though this seems to be my M.O., If I like a band, they cant get a US label. It's my curse.) Chikinki makes dance rock, somewhat in the vein of the Rapture, especially live. But they seem to truly toe the line between dance and rock better than most though. I have seen their tracks on dance mixes as much as indie compilations. They have a new record but I have yet to hear it. I'll keep you posted. For now, Lick your Ticket by Chikinki gets a 7.5.

Chikinki- Ether Radio


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