Monday, June 05, 2006

The Shadow knows...

The new DJ Shadow record has just recently been turned in to the UK label (according to his website). But before the rest of us get to hear the full monty, Shadow has snuck one track out via the mixtape scene. What's that mean? It means the track is straight up hip hop. Street, fer rills.

A little background: So there's this trend in the Bay Area, and the folks there call it "hyphy." It's being called west coast crunk and it's even had some Lil Jon productions (under a pseudonym) and this new Shadow track as well. Will it be a real trend... we'll see. This track probably gives you a good tip on what it sounds like, though. Hard, crunchy and catchy.

I haven't heard anymore of the new record, The Outsider, but this track alone gets a 9. I hope Shadow is back. This track seems to imply he is.

DJ Shadow- 3 Freaks (featuring Keak the Sneak & Turf Talk)


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