Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapel Club

I'm very conflicted about Chapel Club. On the one hand, they seem like nice guys with good taste and playing good solid songs that remind me of other bands I really like (The Mighty Lemon Drops, Longwave, The Stills). The problem is, at least for the US, that I think they are going to suffer the same fate as all of those bands. Much like them, they don't have a particular look. Their sound doesn't fit any underground hip wave of buzz. They have no "thing." They aren't the next Oasis and they aren't the next Libertines.

But they do have songs. And really that's the saddest part. While other bands are getting all of the attention, Chapel Club is making solid rock songs with sweeping crescendos and giant choruses. The songs are catchy and tight, and still have a sense of grandeur. I wish them the best but expect the worst. Please prove me wrong, world.

Download All The Eastern Girls from Billy Suede.

And watch the video too:

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