Thursday, January 24, 2013

Top songs of 2012- #1-5

And finally, my top 5 songs of 2012. Some rock, some dance and mostly Brits. Yep, that's about right.

1. Arctic Monkeys- "You and I (featuring Richard Hawley)"

It's painfully predictable that if the Arctic Monkeys release something in a calendar year (even a b-side), that it will land in my top 5. Add Richard Hawley and you get a #1.

2. Rudimental- "Feel The Love"
I waffled between this and "Spoons," but this was the first track by Rudimental that caught my eyes/ears, so I figured I should stick with this one. Plus this is a better video.

3. Amin Edge And DANCE- "Going To Heaven With the Goodie-Goodies"
Heard this on BBC Radio, late on a Friday night, while driving in Scotland. This is the kind of music that reminds me of the UK. A crate digger track that a breaks DJ with a great vinyl collection pulls out and blows the party apart. It's the track you hunt down, keep in your rotation for years, and yet no one else knows it. Banger.

4. AlunaGeorge- "You Know You Like It"
As usual, there's an act every year that I hear via UK channels, get excited about and have to wait for years to see on our shores. Hopefully, AlunaGeorge is so good that they will get here faster than that. This is great modern pop music.

5. Jack White- "I'm Shakin'"
When it comes down to it, I like Jack White as a person more than his music. His solo record is par for the course with my feelings about most of his work. There are some amazing highlights that are instant classics, and there's often lots of passable ok filler. This cover is an instant classic and proves his great ear and personal style.

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