Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death to false metal

I saw Priestess at SXSW this year. What I loved about them was that, at the same time as bands like Wolfmother and the like, these guys actually get it right. Sure the 12-minute drum solo might be seen as trying too hard. But they actually just rock hard, without much flourish. The look is just like that guy at your high school who had a different Metallica shirt for every day of the month, same stringy greasy black hair, same love for the rock/chicks/beer. No afros, no flute solos, no faux psychedelics, no fakes. It's also not nerd math metal like Isis and other indie metal faves. No equations here, just simple honest rock.

Sometimes a bit AC/DC, sometimes more Zep, but usually a bit harder than both, Priestess's debut, Hello Master, gets a 7. Worth buying if you are itching for some new yet genuine metal.

Priestess- Two Kids


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