Sunday, June 18, 2006

DFA 1979 + Erol Alkan

Death From Above 1979 has some how found a way to be rock and dance and interesting without becoming a random mometary musical fad. They actually had all the earmarks of a blip on the musical screen:Two member band, drummer and bassist (yeah no guitar) and they are from Canada.
But they have something that others can't seem to muster: actual genuine rock moments. It's the kind of music that makes yous trut when you hear it, and that is always a great sign. Their full record, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, gets a 8.5, and I recommend it especially for particular party/rockin' moods.

DFA 1979- Romantic Rites

Now, in addition to this one, I want to also give you a remix of the above track by a fellow named Erol Alkan. His name has been going around for the last couple of years as the remixer du jour and his Trash party in London is in all the UK rumor rags. It's not ground breaking, he's basicaly just adding some dancier flourishes and the like, but it does make the song groovier. People are going gaga about how his live sets incorporate everything from rock to 80s to minimal techno, but to me its just the same thing everyone in the UK has always been doing (e.g. the Hacienda, Chemical Brothers, Death In Vegas, etc.). Not that those folks are bad, I just don't see how genre mashing is grounbreaking anymore. Fun but not re-inventing the wheel or anything. But I do like some of his remixes. His Romanitc Rites Re-edit gets a 7. It's worth downloading at least.

DFA 1979- Romantic Rites (Erol Alkan Re-Edit)


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