Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lily Allen

So I am a little late to the blgosphere with this one, but I am pretty sure you guys haven't read about this gal yet. I don't know much about Lily Allen and her Myspace page doesn't help much either. But she's young, she's a Brit and she's got some crazy hooks and loads of sass. Look at that pic and try to not think, "...Sassy!" You can't do it.
Now what makes her different from the likes of Natasha Bedingfield? No idea. except for the fact that the hype and label money didn't come before Llily's buzz. That's about it besides some street cred and some underground fans. Which is not to say that she won't own the 9:15am slot on VH1 everyday this summer, cuz she just might.
No full record yet, and I have only heard these 2 songs and this mixtape. But I give the tracks an 8 and the mix 9.5 (It's a huge file, but it slays.)

Lily Allen- Mixtape 2
Lily Allen- Knock 'Em Out
Lily Allen- LDN


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