Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dot Allison

So I am planning my next monthly party (the All England Club), and I am thinking that the theme will probably be a nite of all UK ladies' music. Any music from any genre, as long as the bands/acts are British and have at least one female member. Surprisingly, I thought I would have less wax than I actually do, so this should be fun.

But it got me thinking about Dot Allison. Former singer for Scottish rave/chillout group One Dove, she later took some Burt Bachrach and a dash of Andrew Weatherall, and created a romantic smoky dreamy record called Afterglow. Honestly, its one of thse records few people own, but those who own it love it. She has done more records, but they never grabbed me as much as the debut. She recently put some stuff online on Itunes UK exclusively, but it's demo stuff, so I dont want to judge it too harshly. A few tracks are duets with Pete Doherty of all people.

Go out and get Afterglow, it gets a 9. These two tracks get 9s as well.

Dot Allison- Colour Me
Dot Allison- Message Personnel


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