Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ok so I am off to London tomorrow (for work). But hopefully I will be back with some awesomely new hot UK jams. I'm actually setting aside time for record shopping, but I am mainly looking for cheesy awful pop vinyl. If i find other stuff tho, I'm sure I'll buy it anyway.

But since I'm going there, I figured I should post something totally not from the Uk. Autolux is from LA. Yes, they do have this shoe gazer type sound, but they are beter than just wannabes. These are great yet basic pop songs layered under lots of reverb and echo. And I love me some reverb and echo.
They should be working on a new record now, and i am not sure when that will come out, but I'll let you know when i hear something. I give their debut, Future Perfect an 8.5. If you dig this one, you'll like the whole record.

Autolux- Turnstile Blues


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