Wednesday, August 02, 2006

El-P/Def Jux and Juelz/Dipset

I feel like I am not providing enough hip hop for you. So here are two tracks.

The first is a Def Jux track from a few years back. If you don't know, Def Jux is one of the stronger labels of the indie hiphop scene. Although I sometimes tire of El-P's syle, you have to respect the fac that the guy sounds like no one else. This is El at his most anthemic and his catchiest, yet it still represents him perfectly. This track and the record it's from, Collecting The Kid, get 8.5s.

El-P- Jukie Skate Rock

The next track is by Juelz Santana, of Harlem's Diplomats crew. I can't say I love everything they do or even Juelz's stuff for that matter. But maybe it's the sample on this track, or the well executed use of the sample contextually that makes this one so interesting. I'm not sure. But the record doesn't really do this track justice. "Oh Yes" gets a 7.5, What the Game's Been Missing! gets a 5.

Juelz Santana- Oh Yes


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