Friday, July 14, 2006

Cut Copy/Chromeo

For some reason, certain records get released to no attention and then a year later people finally start talking about them. Such is the case with Cut Copy. After releasing their debut a couple of years ago... crickets. But last year, all of a sudden, people decided to pay attention. Styled like Air with a penchant for Abba as much as Human League, this Aussie group straddles dance rock better than most and do it with a sexy understated style. The debut was produced by Phillipe Zdar (of Cassius/Motorbass/La Funk Mob) and has oodles of French disco fingerprints all over it, but remember: this is a band, not DJs. The record is a grower but you'll find it's one that works almost anytime. I'd give Cut Copy's Bright Like Neon Love a 9.

But since Iike to give you some bang for your buck, I'll throw in a remix by another dj -friendly band: Chromeo. I'll probably give you some more of them later. They deserve their own entry. For now, this remix gets an 8.

Cut Copy- Future (Chromeo Remix)

and as with the lily allen mix, if you have the bandwidth, grab this Cut Copy mix... it's killer.

Cut Copy- DJ Mix


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