Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not Lush, Emma, Sing-Sing

One of my fave showgazer bands of all time was Lush. Miki and Emma had great vocals and songwriting wit and really had a better run than most britpop bands, putting out a good amount of above par records for most of the 90s. For a long time I heard and read that Emma had a new band called Sing-Sing, but not much came of it.
Lo and behold a year or two ago, a friend asked me to listen to a CD by a friend of hers, and it just so happened to be be Sing-Sing. It ended up that she had begun an emial relationship with Emma Anderson and was trying to get people to hear some of her music. I ended up listening to the Madame Sing-Sing EP and found that with her new partner, Lisa O'Neill, she hadn't missed a beat. The songs were still sweet and the msuic was still great.
I ended up speaking with Emma once for an intervew, and what struck me the most was her attitude toward the whole "career" side of music. She had been through the big label push, the next big thing and the pitfalls of those worlds as well. At this point, all she wanted to do was make music, not for the chance of "breaking," but just because that's what she loves most. But the duo was a bit short on cash so they couldn't afford to go into the studio to record their second record. So they put out a call on their website and to thier newsletter subscribers to buy all the merchandise they could to raise the money to record. And it worked. They raised the money, recorded and released Sing-Sing and I in July of last year and I rate it a solid 7. If you can find it, get it. I'm sure you can download it at Itunes as well. Do the right thing and if you like it, pay for it. It acually makes a difference sometimes.

Sing-Sing- Modern Girl
Sing-Sing- Lover


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