Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Ordinary Boys

So there are tons of bands that I love that do very well in the UK, but can't even get label deals in the US. One of the more glaring examples is the Ordinary Boys. These kids write perfect British music, be it ska or anthemic Britpop. They have 2 records out in the Uk and I love both, which just happen to have been produced by the same person who produced the Smiths back in the day.
They somewhat languished in UK obscurity as well, until their lead singer Preston appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Their sales actually went up 10x in one week after the first few episodes. Sure it helps that the boys are cute, but honestly with their song writing it would have happened eventually. Now if anything they have to live down the popularity, but it's still about the music. I give both Over the Counter Culture and Brassbound 9s. If you are a fan of British music you would do well to pick either or both up. Here's a sample:

The Ordinary Boys- Life Will Be The Death of Me


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