Friday, July 28, 2006

Nouvelle does Echo

The first Nouvelle Vague record was very enjoyable. Great covers of great songs with a very unique flair/twist. In case you don't know, NV is two french producers and a handful of singers, doing new wave and punk covers in bossa nova style. It so happens that "bossa nova" means "new wave" which in French is "nouvelle vague." Get it?
Luckily, even though the project could have just become a one trick pony, Bande A Part, their latest release, has dropped some of the more "bossa nova" stylings and stipped things a bit. And it still works. My fave is this Echo and the Bunnymen cover. It gets an 8 and so does the record. Enjoy it on the way to work, it's a great morning starter.

Nouvelle Vague- The Killing Moon


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