Monday, July 17, 2006

White Rose Movement

I heard about White Rose Movement from a friend who was friends with one of the band members. Even then, although I enjoyed the songs for their basic catchiness, there's an issue. In fact, the first few times I heard them, I kept calling them Two Years Too Late. If this had come before the Killers and before the Bravery, the world would be a very different place.

Basically they have the right touchstones, a great look, great style and can write a good song, but ya know sometimes that's just not enough. I think this song gets a 7, but on the whole I just can't get excited about it. But listen to it and try to tell me this isn't better than all of those other bands people actually like. But then again, those bands aren't very good.

I'll give WRM a chance though. They are young and this is their first stab. Hopefully they'll invest in some early Ministry records and some Nitzer Ebb 12"s. That should do the trick.

WRM- Love Is A Number


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