Saturday, August 19, 2006

JT and Xtina

I figure that since these two have been together since their youth, I might as well post them together here as well. Plus, I figure you need a change of pace from my usual British and/or hiphop posts.

I don't think either Justin nor Christina need intros here. So I will just say I love Christina mainly because I think "Beautiful" is one of the best songs of the last decade and is the closest thing we havd gotten to a great George Michael song since Listen Without Prejudice. As for Justin, as long is he keeps Timbaland at the helm, he cannot fail.

I haven't heard the full new JT. But I'll give this song a 7. As for the Christina, even though I tend to despise double albums, she does nail it, yet again. I don't love every song and I haven't found a "Beautiful" on here, but I still think it's a solid 8. Here's one single and one deeper album cut.

JT- Sexyback
Xtina- Slow Down Baby


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