Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Coopers

I have mentioned them before, so I figured I should introduce one of my other favorite UK bands, The Cooper Temple Clause. TCTC are another of the few bands that actually doing something different. They don't sound like Gang of Four. Or the Jam. Or any of the dozen other bands everone seems to be ripping off nowadays. Even the bands they do sound like, are very different. They tackle everything from loud grunge to glitchy IDM to anthemic brit pop and still sound unique. And the live show is not to be missed.

I'd suggest getting both of their records, obtusely titled See This Through And Leave (7) and Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Loose (9). They will also have a new record out soon, but from what I have heard they are no longer on RCA in the US so who knows when it will be released here. I'll keep you posted. But here is one old song ("Who Needs...") and a new one from the forthcoming record. The new single is very different for them, but it's growing on me. It gets a 7.5.

TCTC- Damage
TCTC- Who Needs Enemies


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