Monday, October 16, 2006

Excessive Force

OK so I have yet to post anything from one of my favortie genres: industrial. I think it's mainly cuz most of the best songs from that era are old. And this track is old, but it's one that lots of folks don't know, even people that were into industrial. And since I recently saw Nitzer Ebb, I'm in the mood.

Excessive Force was a side project (oh how those industrial folks loved side projects) for Sascha from KMFDM. Basically took the harder side of KMFDM and sped it up a bit. Hard fast and intensely German. So yes it basically sounds like KMFDM. But this one is a bit more over that hard edge. No girly back up singers, no groovy bass line. Not that those things are bad things, but sometimes Sascha just wanted to get tough. Finger On The Trigger" is tough... I give it a 9.

Excessive Force- Finger On The Trigger


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