Sunday, November 05, 2006

TV On the Radio

Some folks consider this band the only good thing going. I will say this much, I do appreciate TV On the Radio's efforts. I am glad they don't sound like the rest of the indie canon. I'm glad they aren't doing some emo thing or some folk thing. They are definitely unique in the music scene today. (alhough they are heavily remiscent of early solo career Peter Gabriel.

Problem is I just can't get into the sound. Their art rock vocals and the layered sound is just one of those things that you either love or hate. I'm all for layering but I just can't deal with the vocals. And beyond that, I again appreciate the avant nature, but the structures of the songs also just don't provide enough "pop" for me to get into and really enjoy.

I do like the first single off their new record, and the video is also interesting as well, as I am a bug fan of werewolves. Which made me think that maybe this time, with their second record, Return to Cookie Mountain, I might finally get what all the folks were raving about. Turns out it's just the single I like. I have to give the record a 6.5 (with 1.5 of that being just on the grounds of respect, more so than enjoyability). I'll give you two tracks here:

TVOTR- I Was A Lover
TVOTR- Wolf Like Me


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