Sunday, April 13, 2008

Be Your Own Pet

When I first heard and met the kids in Be Your Own Pet, I was somewhat torn. I loved their attitude, energy and all around vibe. Wise beyond their years about punk rock, but still snotty and distrustful (in a good way), the BYOP kids were the punk rock I felt was missing nowadays. The problem was, in the end, their songs just didn't stand up to scrutiny. The songs were always energetic, but usually missing that catchiness that makes punk so delicious.

Looks like that's finally been remedied. A friend said its a consequence of turning 20 years old, and that could likely be it. In addition, they have toured plenty, been under the tutelage of Thurston Moore and I'm sure have just devoured so much music in the last 3 years that this was an inevitability. Whatever the reason, I'm floored by the change. I saw this video on Subterranean and listened to the record this week and am now plying this track on repeat. Still.

The Kelley Affair gets a 10.

Be Your Own Pet- The Kelley Affair

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