Thursday, January 03, 2008


This won't be one for everyone, but for some it should be a godsend.

Back in the day, I dug d'n'b. I also had a 2-step/garage moment as well. And obviously, I have kept my ears open to all of the permutations of UK hip hop before and since. But honestly, in the last few years, nothing has really excited me. Even of the newer styles, grime had some bright spots, but the dubstep world had bored me. That is, until I was urged to listen to Burial.

The problem is there isn't much I can tell you about Burial. He/she is a reclusive producer, who does very few interviews and takes no pictures. All we know is he/she is from the UK and knows this music. He/she distills all of the best from the above genres and makes something completely fresh. It's atmospheric, dark, rhythmic and 100% British. I have a taste for this kind of thing and it's the perfect progression from the 90s. If you don't know much about the above genres, let me know and maybe I'll put together a primer for you.

Burial's second record was released this November and only missed making my top 10 for the year because I still hadn't spent enough time with it. But, right now, Burial's Untrue gets a 9.8.

Burial- Ghost Hardware
Burial- Archangel

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