Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ian Brown

Ah can't get better than this... britpop royalty and politics.

The thing about Ian Brown is that he has never pulled any punches. He knew the Stone Roses were the greatest band ever, and said so. He talks lots of sh*t, but he's always ready to knock the tar out of anyone who stands against him, not matter how big they are. (Check the video proof: And he keeps that trend going here by going after political targets.

Besides his running his mouth, he has also been putting out consistently good if not great solo work and he's got another one that just came out. I don't have the whole record yet, but this track gets an 8.5. Bold faced and a bit of a tirade against the US involvement in Iraq, Ian still has something to say. And he's gonna say it. With a good beat.

Also check out his solo greatest hits collection, The Greatest. I give that an solid 8.

Ian Brown- Illegal Attacks


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