Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Young Pony Club

As usual, there's always the hot new thing. Some of them I still don't get (Justice is just everyone's fave now. I'm still "eh" on them.), and others I am much more on board with. With New Young Pony Club, I am on board.

It's not changing the world, but they get it. Catchy in the right spots, but just obtuse enough as well. Throw in some tasty remixes that actually sound better in a club than on headphones, and I am totally in. And of course, girls. I think, actually, that the fact that there are girls in the band makes it so they can be above the fray a bit in this scene. Why? Cuz girls know dance music requires that one bring the sexy. If you bring the bass and the sing along but leave out the sexy, you lose me, that's for sure. NYPC doesn't forget the sexy. C'mon and dip your dipper.

Herve kills it and NYPC are making noise. This remix gets a 9. Play it out loud.

New Young Pony Club- Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix)


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