Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

I spend lots of time just randomly trolling websites, and downloading whatever sounds remotely interesting. I'll say for the most part the exercise is pretty fruitless. But sometimes I come across something I actually kinda dig. Such is the case with Blood Red Shoes.

Don't know too much about them yet, but every time I come across this song on the old ipod, I check to see who it is. A good sign. Seems they are a boy/girl duo from Brighton and they are on V2 in the UK. No record 'til January it seems, but for now, enjoy ADHD:

Blood Red Shoes- ADHD

So they sound like all the other bands trying to do "angular guitar," you say? Perhaps. But I actually think that they tend to lean a bit more towards the Wire school of things rather than the Gang of Four style, though. And of course a little feminine touch def makes it a bit unique. Then again I still love Elastica.

I'll try to hunt down some more tunes and see if it's worthwhile, but for now, ADHD gets a 7.

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