Monday, March 19, 2007

Thee Snuff Project

OK so new stuff that I am loving is getting hard to come by of late. So I will give you some old tunes.

Thee Snuff Project was a band outta DC that broke up as quickly as I fell in love with them. (Some of the members have a new band, but I have yet to hear more than a couple of tracks, so no judgement passed yet.)

What Thee Snuff Project did was revitalize my love for punk rock. Not in a Clash/Pistols way but in a visceral Stooges way. You forget how great screaming can be in a rock song. The songs were about sex and drugs and butterfly knives. They were scary and sexy. They had it all, so of course the demise was the only way. Lived fast and died young.

But they left behind one record, Dyin' Ain't Much of A Living, which I give a total 10. Since I am sure it would be very hard to find, I'll give you a few tracks here. All of which are great. 10s all around.

Selections from Thee Snuff Project's Dyin' Aint Much Of A Livin'
Intro To Every Black Widow
Better Drugs
I Contact
Gorilla Pills


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