Monday, January 01, 2007

Roisin Murphy

For some reason, I have had trip hop on the brain of late. There seems to be an overwhleming sense of lament for the genre as I keep hearing people playing old trip hop tracks everwhere I go, yet the genre remains a time capsule and has basically died.

But that doesn't mean those folks aren't making good tunes. I recently ran across this track by Moloko's lead singer, Roisin Murphy, and was pleasantly surprised. It seems she released an LP this year, with Matthew Herbert at the production helm. Now I don't love everything Herbert does, but in this case he really makes something of Murphy's abilities. Instead of leaving her in the trip hop mold, Herbert's electro lounge style allows her quirkiness to really shine. In the vein of Goldfrapp, Murphy's voice really draws you in with sex, but the tunes also jerk and move enough to keep things interesting. Maybe the old trip hop guard does have a future.

I don't have Ruby Blue, but this track is fabulous. I give it an 8.

Roisin Murphy- Sow Into You

Oh and Happy New Year!

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