Monday, November 06, 2006

Hot Chip/CSS

So it's time for some more hating. It just wouldn't be me without a dash of hate, so let's keep this endeavor honest...

Two acts that those "in the know" have been squawking about for awhile now are Hot Chip and CSS.

Ho Chip is from the uk and they do their version of the electronic dance rock thing that folks have been digging for the last few years. I didn't enjoy the debut, and I can say the same for their latest as well. It's not bad music. But honestly it's just in no way interesting. How is this supposeed to make me excited?? Perhaps I am just too much of a simpleton to get the subtleties, but to me it's really just wallpaper. I can't see people remembering this band for their music. Maybe for their geek chic, their "designer" heavy stylization, perhaps, but not for the tunes. I give Hot Chip's two records 4.3

Hot Chip- Playboy

Our next contestant in the hipster music olympics is CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy- which means "tired from being sexy). Brazilian/Asian girls in long bangs and hipster sensational clothes and some less than half thought out tunes. They even make the "tre-cool" msuic allusions (see "Let's Make Love, and Listen to Death from Above"). The problem here is that the playful attitude, the crowd surfing, the nom de stage (Lovefoxxx is the lead singer's name- blech) just screams "self conscious." But when it comes down to it, again, it's really about the tunes. And these are bad. Live they are atonal and not in a cool art way. More in a "We thought it would be fun to be in a band, we never figured we'd have to learn how to play. We're girls! Tee hee." Awful, pointless blip in music. Let's hurry onto our next untalented girlie indie crush band... Lavender Diamond anyone?? CSS gets an F, and a 4 out of 10.

Wake me when these bands are OVER.

CSS- Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

(P.S.- You may ask, "if you hate these bands why post about them?" Well basically, I do this just to keep you, my friends, abreast of what I hear is going on in music. and my taste is MY taste. You may love the Grateful Dead, I don't. You may hate Oasis. I don't. I am just trying to keep your options open.)


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