Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Amy Winehouse

So I posted about Amy Winehouse a few months ago, in reference to Mylo. But she has a new record coming out in the UK now, and it sounds like it will be out in the US in March. So I figured I'd give you the early heads up...

Now sometimes, I have to admit that an artist's appeal is more than just the basic musical allure. Sometimes the songs and the music aren't what make an artist compelling. Sometimes it's that artist's attitude or timing or just the context of when their record is released. Sometimes it's just the fact that there is nothing else around that is remotely interesting. Sometimes, it's just that X factor.

Now, I think Amy Winehouse has good songs, I think her voice is unique and interesting, and I think the songs are catchy. But while I think casual listeners could easily lump her with Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado, Nikka Costa or even Macy Gray, something separates her from the rest. Besides her painfully topical and skewering British witticisms, it's really just all about "her." But I can't explain it as well as she can try this:

So she's a loon. Plus she's a drunk and hella sassy. I don't need much more than that. Her new record, Back to Black gets an 8. Her first record, Frank gets an 8.5. But again these scores may go up, they are still new to me.

Amy Winehouse- Rehab
Amy Winehouse- Fuck Me Pumps

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