Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Paddingtons

Let's keep the rock going... The Paddingtons are from the UK and are doing a simple rock and roll/punk rock thing. Not a whole lot of innovation here, but they also never claimed to be doing that. And it's that honesty that you have to respect.

Of course it helps that Owen Morris is producing their debut. (He produced Oasis' Definitely Maybe.) It's also telling that they are signed to Alan McGee's Poptones label. (He discovered Oasis.) But this band doesn't sound like the Gallaghers at all. Think more Clash, Buzzcocks and even at their worst, a bit like Rancid. Not that that is particularly a bad thing.

I like simple punk rock. And the Paddingtons get it. First Comes First gets a strong 7.5.

The Paddingtons- Some Old Girl

The Paddingtons- 50 To A £


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