Sunday, November 12, 2006

Burning Brides

So I am DJing this party tomorrow night where I'll be "opening" for the Queens of the Stone Age. Weird I know. But they are cool and it's a corporate event and those are always fun, so I am excitedto do it. The fun thing is I rarely get to play "rock" sets, so this will be a good exercise.

In looking for rock records, I remembered how much I love the Burning Brides. I never really figured out why they never broke, but it's probably a confluence of things. They don't look particularly different. The sound isn't rock enough for metal folks, and not punk enough for punks. It's just kinda heavy but tuneful rock and roll. Which is exactly why I love them. I'd give their first record an 8, and their second a 7.5, but both are definitely worthwhile. Hopefully you'll dig this one and spend some cash on their records.

Burning Brides- Plank of Fire


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