Saturday, February 24, 2007

Robbie Williams

So in honor of my next DJ party, and since I haven't come across too much new stuff I really love, I figure I should take the easy route and give you some Robbie Williams.

Yes, I know he's cheesy. Yes I know he's like the modern day Elton John. But I can say that if you see him perform live, you totally understand why he's a superstar. Very few bands/singers/acts nowadays can actualy claim to have starpower, and Robbie Williams is one of those few. The man has commanding stage presence. And the things he says and gets away with are just hilarious. He's like Benny Hill mixed with the Spice Girls. And what so wrong with that??

So he has another rcord out, Rudebox, and I am sure most of you haven't even heard anything from his last few records at all anyway. But this one is a bit of the usual. He usually has a bit of filler, and a few experimental tracks (be it hip hop or techno or whatnot) and then one or two funny poppy gems. So I'll give you two in this case, one funny and one wannabe hip hop track. Both good fun though; they get a 7.

Robbie Williams- Rudebox
Robbie Williams- Good Doctor

Yes I know that he's in rehab now, and that perhaps "Good Doctor" is a poor choice, but I figure that if he has a sense of humor about it, so we should too.


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