Monday, January 29, 2007


Ok ok, I am very sorry to have neglected you for so long. I just needed some inspiration. Some may think I have a bit too much personal stuff wrapped up in lots of my choices. Too bad for them cuz I have another one for you.

Amerie is a f'in phenom. The weird thing is I actually went to Georgetown with her and had classes with her and had no idea she was this kind of talented. Now some might just see her as some R&B gal with a Beyonce thing going on, I actualy know a bit more about her and can therefore see a b it more happening here. Unlike most young artists (she's on her second LP), she has already established herself as not only a singer and dancer, but from what I can tell she is involved in almost all aspects of her career, from writing songs, co-directing videos, etc. She's too smart to be a marketing tool, which I really respect. And it's these things that make me think this girl could have a pretty long career. And she's extememly down to earth and very nice.

Now, add this jam to boot?! She had a few great cuts on her debut, but this one is such a booty shaker, I can just see kids around the world roller skating to it. It's fun to the nth degree. So enjoy. Oh and as you can see, she's also devestatingly beautiful.

UPDATE: Sorry forgot to rate this one... Um, doy, it gets a 10!

Amerie- Take Control

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Blogger twan said...

Amerie sounds like Grubby's dream girl.... here's an excerpt from her myspace profile. hilarious!! "I am a recovering Sim-oholic! I love that game, as well as Civilization III!"

12:52 PM  

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