Sunday, April 22, 2007


A thousand apologies for my prolonged absence. I'm going to write a few posts now and will post them throughout the week, just to get back on a good schedule. Promise.

OK we'll start with Justice. A French electronic music duo with a penchant for anthemic eruo-disco bangers, they seem to be intent on becoming the next Daft Punk. I think they actually may be more Cassius than Daft Punk. But then again I actually like Cassius more. Lots of folks have trying to claim them and the whole Ed banger crew as the return of the French house scene of the late 90s. I think it's missing the hooks that those original acts had and they are also missing the disco basics or the infectious hip swivel beats. It's a bit sexless for my taste, more of a pastiche of the ideas than the true "tre sexi" French house scene.

But it's not bad. I give this track a 6. Worth a download at least.

Justice- B.E.A.T. (Extended)

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