Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rich Boy/Mims/Twista

I promised chart topping hits... here ya go.

The first is Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's." Ain't much to say about this one. If you are all about candy paint, flossin', or just whips in general; this has been your jam since the end of 2006. Dirty South, where you at? (Score: 7)

Next up is Mims' "This Is Why I'm Hot." Honestly, I finally heard the rest of the Mims record and it's surprisingly deep. There's more to this guy than just one killer chorus. The problem is I think that "Hot" is going to be his sole claim to fame. Best of luck to him, but I have my doubts. (As a side note, once you listen to this song enough times, you will find that you can basically put any phrase into the 6 syllable cadence of this song. Try it. "I'm waiting for the bus. I need to catch the train. Can't be late for work or they'll fire me again." It's crazy.) (Score: 8)

And finally, you get a Mims homage by Twista and yes, that's right, the R. AKA Kels AKA R. Kelly. Sorry can't help it. He just slays. It's not his best, but I just couldn't resist. (Score: 6.5)

Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don- Throw Some D's
Mims- This Is Why I'm Hot
Twista feat. R. Kelly- This Is Why I'm Cold

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