Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Gossip

I can't believe I have yet to post a Gossip song. A thousand pardons.

I have been fan of the Gossip for a while now, and actually interviewed them once (although the story got killed and never got into print). They are one of those few bands that has it all: a interesting back story, great personalities, great unique tunes and actually have something to say about the world around them. All in all they are 100% worth listening to. And here are four reasons:

1. The band was started by two kids from Searcy, Arkansas, who moved out to Olympia, Wash. to find a better existence. Fat, gay, weird, nerd, etc. didn't win them lots of favor in Ark. No offense, Arkansas.

2. They have stuck to their indie guns since the beginning. I don't know if they are being sought after in the US by majors, but they have finally taken off in the UK and are tabloid darlings now with a top 10 record, Standing In The Way Of Control. They have gone from down home lo-fi punk rock spiritual to dance rock post-punk/funk, but they began on Kill Rock Stars and are still there.

3. The band has politics and touts them all the time. But for them it's not about manifestos and sloganeering, it's really all about how they live their lives. Be it gay rights, or DIY aesthetics, or the reality of society's patriarchal views of women, they talk about it because they live it.

4. They cover my favorite Aaliyah song.

The Gossip get a 10.
Their album Movement gets a 9.
The follow up, Standing In The Way of Control gets an 8.5.
The Aaliyah cover gets a 10.

Here are four more reasons:

The Gossip
Night (from Movement)
Standing In the Way of Control (from Standing In The Way Of Control)
Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Mix)
Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)


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