Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Plastiscines

I want to love The Plastiscines more than almost any other band ever (look at that pic?!?!). I want to love their music, become their number one fan, buy all their t-shirts/merch, see all their shows and follow them all around the world. But that ain't gonna happen.

Much like the Long Blondes, they have all the earmarks of a band I'd love. The Plastiscines similarly mine the right canon of tunes as well, with a penchant for poppy sing-along punk and sassy Runaways style 80s rock. But when it comes down to it, the tunes just don't have "it." They don't grab you and shake you, they don't stick in your brain at all and when it comes down to it, the eyeliner and bangs just aren't enough. Their debut, LP1, gets a 5. The following song is the best one of the bunch,so it gets a 6.5.

The Plastiscines- Pop In, Pop Out

There are a few of these young French bands that have emerged in the last year, so far I have not been blown away, but I might re-visit the topic if it gets big enough to inform you about it. So far the jury's still out.

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