Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Big Pink

In a recent interview, The Big Pink were asked about the bands that influenced their debut. All of their choices were respectable, but that they gave a nod to Ministry really stood out for me. This is mainly because it showed me the difference between them and most of the other neo-shoegazer bands of late. What they, and Ministry (and other bands of which The Big Pink is reminiscent, like the Verve, Chapterhouse, Love And Rockets, or Curve) understood was that no matter what the tempo of the music, there has to be a sense of danger making it compelling, especially if you are making somewhat dark music. The sense of the ominous and a sense of urgency seem to be what many new bands are missing. Not so with The Big Pink.

And that's why I love this record. It's underlying melodies make it extremely listenable and require repeats, but that's not to say it's a simple record. A Brief History of Love is also paced well, which accents the moodiness of the record, without sacrificing the darkness and gothic nature of the whole work. There are enough symphonic moments to make the debut seem grand and festival ready, but there's enough texture and space to justify a long focused headphone listen as well. But it all comes down to the songwriting, and this is where The Big Pink excels. The songs are big, catchy, dark and simply rock and roll the way it was meant to be. This might be a contender for my record of the year.

Grab "Dominoes" and "Too Young To Love" at:

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