Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Julian Casablancas

Other than Nick, each member of the Strokes has released a solo record. While each was enjoyable, Julian Casablancas's effort wins.

Fab's Little Joy was fun and so very spring/summery. Albert's records have been smart, but a bit spark-less. Nickle Eye was surprisingly solid, but a bit morose and very much a lo-fi "bedroom" effort. Julian's solo debut takes Fab's route of reinvention and runs with it. Upon hearing the first tones of the single, I knew I was in for something completely different. When I heard "11th Dimension," I thought Julian was trying to bring back Shannon/Lisa Lisa era freestyle. But just going electro dance would be too simple. Phrazes for the Young hits country notes, electric organs play a significant part, as do waltzes and piano bar ballads. And of course, as with all of the others' efforts, Julian is still a Stroke, and these songs still evoke that spirit. But this time out, it's the perfect balance. Just enough of the old, the new and the different. Well done, Mr. Casablancas.

Plus, I also love the graphical allusion made with that pic above.

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