Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of a new Glasvegas record. Honestly, I am still amazed that they raise so much vitriol from so many, as I thought the first record was a bonafide immediate classic. But I guess my taste is definitely not the norm, so a perfect record in my mind does not make a hit. Nevertheless, the Scottish 4-piece are back, with a new drummer and lead singer James has a new thing for white clothes. Strange and unexpected, but ok.

The newly record is called EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ and will be available digitally on April 5th. The first released track is entitled The World Is Yours. Of course with a sophomore release the band have the usual considerations... sound too similar and people get bored, but sound too different and risk losing your core supporters. With this first track, Glasvegas seem to have toed the line between both of those strategies pretty darn well. There is a sunnier disposition than past tracks and a surprise electronic edge, and the pace is picked up a bit, but the giant chorus and stadium sing along crescendo still prevail, with the usual dose of moodiness and melancholy. I take this as a good sign for the full record.

Download The World is Yours from RCRDLBL now.

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