Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AEC YouTube Channel and Izza Kizza

I realized that I post a good handful of videos here, and sometimes I forget to psot good stuff here, but I'm favorite-ing things on YouTube all the time. Therefore, I decided to bust out a whole AEC YouTube Channel. I'll to write a little bit about videos more often here, but you can always go through, and check this channel in case I missed posting about something. So every now and again, check here for videos when you are bored:


It all started with Izza Kizza.

When I saw Izza Kizza's "Ooh La La" video on Subterranean earlier this month, my first thought was that it reminded me of OutKast. Which is not to say that it sounds just like OutKast but more in the sense of, if OutKast were to put out a record now, I hope it sounds kinda like this. And of course there's a reason for this, it's a Timberland project. And God knows I love me some Timmy. So check out the video, the record's not out til February, though, so the video will have to suffice. You can grab a download of another track from the forthcoming record at Izza Kizza's official site.

More editorial on the other videos soon, I promise.

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