Wednesday, April 06, 2011

White Belt Yellow Tag

OK enough with the news about bands you already know. Time for band you probably don't know: White Belt Yellow Tag. With members from a disparate British indie family tree (yourcodenameis:MILO, The Cooper Temple Clause) and an even more varied production pedigree (White Lies, Late of the Pier, The Verve, Blur), White Belt Yellow Tag are a unique version of most of the British music I like.

Lead singer Craig Pilbin's vocals are grand and sweet with a dash of Coldplay, Radiohead and the like, while Justin Lockey brings an interesting twist of guitar noise as well as arrangement that swings from Sonic Youth to doves. In the spirit of full disclosure, the drummer for WBYT is my friend Tom Bellamy, formerly of The Cooper Temple Clause, who was chosen (according to him) principally because he is not a drummer. Mashed all together the sound is distinctly British but in no way tired or a retread. In fact, in the current context of British indie it's probably exactly what is missing. WBYT's songs are lush, grand and sweeping with loads of melancholy and emotion and just as many melodies and hooks.

Watch the video, grab a free MP3, and look for their first US EP "You’re Not Invincible" on May 10.

Download "Remains" from their US debut now.

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