Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Virgins

I saw the Virgins on the Nylon tour earlier this summer with One2Ten faves, Be Your Own Pet, and was pretty impressed. The songs are very Elvis Costello pop and the guys seem to really know how to whip the young girls to a nice froth. Good stage presence and good songs.

Now they have taken it to the next level with what might be the best video I have seen in years. Please note for all non-NYC residents, this may not translate as easily. Let me explain... on NYC public access for about the last 30 years, one of the few things you could count on was Robin Byrd. She brought to the airwaves something everyone wants: strippers. (Yes, she had to fight the law and she won, but that's a much bigger story.) To this day, if you want to see some great early 80s strippers, male or female, all you have to do is tune into channel 33 late night and you can get your fill. It's quite entertaining. It seems that the Virgins agree. To get the full extent of the awesome-ness of this video and its origins, watch this first: Robin Byrd

Then watch this:

And the song rules too. I give the following track a 7.5:
The Virgins- Private Affair

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